Radio Fonic Oddity (Radio Oddity, RFO, rfonico) is an electronic music artist producing computer generated tracks for fun and entertainment since the late nineties. The artist name is inspired by odd experimental music composed using multiple genres in a radio station type back-to-back format.

In 1999, an independent producer required a few background music tracks for a video short submitted to the Chicago Film Festival. To help out, RFO created an eleven minute piece simulating elevator music as the background track for the short, and the fun begins!

By 2007, rfonico expanded audio composition creation with improved software and a larger sound library. Oddly unique videos have been created featuring a variety of themes, including the use of public domain footage in mash-up compilations, with an underlying goal to sync video with each music track moving forward. Making music videos, like the audio itself, is a learning process and the process is always evolving. To this day RFO continues to experiment with audio to create an entertaining and interesting music experience while sharing it across multiple online channels for free.

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